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 Mascenic Regional High  School

 175 Turnpike Road
 New Ipswich, NH 03071



 Tom Kelly, Principal 


 Marlise Bryant, Assistant Principal


 Tel: 603-878-1113
 Fax: 603-878-3344


 Grade Span:   9-12


 Boynton Middle School

 500 Turnpike Road
 New Ipswich, NH 03071



 Thomas Starratt, Principal 


 Chip Mercurio, Assistant Principal


 Tel: 603-878-4800
 Fax: 603-878-0525


 Grade Span:   5-8



 Highbridge Hill  Elementary  School


 171 Turnpike Road
 New Ipswich, NH 03071




 Marion Saari, Principal


 Michael McNelis, Assistant Principal


 Tel: 603-878-4387
 Fax: 603-878-2814


 Grade Span:  PK-4


 "Mascenic Education  Center"
 Greenville School

 16 School Street
 Greenville, NH 03048



 Tel: 603-721-0160 (SAU)


 Opt 1 - Business Office


 Opt 2 - Student Services/Special  Education


 Opt 4 - Office of the Superintendent